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PGRE Saskatchewan Renewable Energy Project - Key PlanSite Key PlanSite Key Plan

  • Located just South and East of Saskatoon, the site is ideally located between both the CN and CP main lines.  The plant site rail infrastructure is designed to accommodate a 100 car unit train.
  • The plant process water supply will come from the Blackstrap Reservoir.
  • Natural gas will be the plant’s energy source due to the current and long term favourable cost for natural gas supply.  The PGRE site will be serviced by a high pressure gas line. 

  • The PGRE site will be serviced by an existing 138 KVA Power Line. The electrical service load required for the PGRE Plant will require a 72KVA service.  This service will be provided by SaskPower from the existing 138 KVA or 72KVA supply in the area.