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  • Proven KATZEN process design
  • Highest quality ethanol products with the minimum practical thermal and energy consumption

PGRE Ethanol Production Process

The process design and technology is being provided by KATZEN International of Cincinnati, Ohio and is based primarily on existing KATZEN designs utilizing barley as a feedstock on similar sized ethanol plants in Europe. The PGRE Project barley / pea design is based on a 52.91 MGY (196 MLY) barley plant recently commissioned in Spain.  The PGRE ethanol facility is designed to produce fuel grade ethanol and Prairie Gold HyProtein Meal™using barley and pea as feedstock as well as the Prairie Gold HyProtein Meal™co-product.

Approximately one-third of each bushel of grain feedstock (the starch) is converted to ethanol. The PGRE ethanol production process (see flow diagram below) consists of several key steps which include de-hulling and milling, cooking, liquefaction, fermentation, distillation and dehydration, centrifugation and drying, evaporation and product storage.