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  • Co-production of two high-demand product streams.
  • Facility ideally located just south and west of Saskatoon with direct access to rail and multi-feedstock supply. 
  • Strong local demand for Prairie Gold HyProtein Meal.

Project Overview

The PGRE Project is a grain-based ethanol (‘GBE’) and high protein animal feed production facility located in Saskatchewan in the heart of the barley and pea production areas and major animal husbandry enterprises (dairy, swine and poultry operations).   

The robust economics are supported by co-production of two high-demand product streams:

  • 196 million liters/year (MLY) of fuel grade ethanol from a GBE plant facility (equivalent to 2,000 barrels/day of sustainable oil production).
  • 228,000 metric tonnes (MT) per year of high protein animal feed as residual end-product (equivalent in nutritional value to Soymeal) and we call it Prairie Gold HyProtein Meal™.  The value of the PGRE Prairie Gold HyProtein Meal™ has been independently verified by leading animal nutritionist specialists.  

The PGRE barley and pea ethanol project is based on proven technology that is being provided by KATZEN International Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio.   KATZEN have provided the process design for a number of successful barley co-production plants in Europe. The GBE process is designed to process multi-feedstock capability wheat, corn, barley or a combination of barley and peas. The PGRE Project will utilize a feed barley and feed pea feedstock option as this GBE feedstock provides the best project economics with little to no impact against human food market demand.


Project Site 

The PGRE project site is located 5.3 kilometers NNW of the Town of Clavet, Saskatchewan and consists of approximately 160 acres of the lands immediately north of the existing CP rail tracks with rail siding connection to the CPR main Line sufficient to accommodate 100 rail car unit trains.  The project site borders a Provincial highway and is immediately accessible from the highway.  Clavet is situated approximately 18 kilometers south east of Saskatoon. The CP Railway line crosses the Project site and provides access to the CP and CN Trans Canada East/West Rail System and the US Rail System.  The CN Saskatoon Intermodal Container Facility is located in Saskatoon which would facilitate container shipment to Asia via Prince Rupert or Vancouver.


PGRE Feedstock Draw Area

The procurement of the feedstock is the most significant input cost for ethanol production. The optimal location of an ethanol plant is largely dependent on being in close proximity to its feedstock supply, regardless of which feedstock is being utilized. Localized production allows ethanol plants to reduce transportation costs of both inputs (feedstock) and outputs such as DDGS.   Corn based ethanol plants in the US are located close to large supplies of corn, primarily in the US Midwest, thus minimizing feedstock transportation costs.  The PGRE Project is also strategically located in the heart of the barley and pea growing regions in Canada.

The PGRE Project Feedstock draw area consists of a 200 km (120 mile) radius of Saskatoon Saskatchewan.  This area represents one the highest yield and lowest cost grain producing areas in the country.  Based on average yields for the Province of Saskatchewan and based on the two hundred kilometer radius adjacent to the plant, the feedstock requirement for feed barley will require approximately 5% of the of total cropped acreage to meet the annual barley and pea feedstock requirement for the plant.