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Growing Energy Resources...

The Prairie Green Renewable Energy Inc. Project is an exciting and unique “state of the art / new generation”  dry mill ethanol plant and high protein animal feed production facility. The robust economics will become the standard by which future plants will be measured against.

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A Sustainable Alternative

The plant is designed to utilize feed wheat, corn, barley and / or combination of barley and peas as the feedstock; however the operation strategy is to focus on barley and peas as the feedstock due to geographic availability and long term pricing stability of these two feedstocks within the plant location area.

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Building a Better Tomorrow... A New Kind of Advanced Renewable Fuel Bio-Refinery

At PGRE, we understand that the Project must combine the synergies of communities and stakeholders to be successful.  It is our focus to build shareholder value while respecting the environment and at the same time addressing the concerns of its neighbors.  PGRE supports the principle of sustainable development through adaptive management, integration of environmental planning and accountability at all levels of operations and management. Among the tools that PGRE will use to achieve these goals are technological innovation, community consultation and regional participation wherever possible.

The Project will produce 196 MLY of fuel grade ethanol for use as a gasoline octane enhancer and fuel additive.  The primary markets for the produced ethanol will include the western Canadian and western US regions where there is a mature and established market for ethanol.  The 5% Canadian Ethanol Mandate legislated in 2007 could see the production from the PGRE facility being utilized solely in Western Canada as there is now a considerable shortage of ethanol for Western Canadian blending.